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Melancon, Rimes & Daquanno is a results oriented law firm based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We represent victims who have been seriously injured, families who have lost a loved one, and those who have been cheated in a business deal gone bad.


Our firm handles most personal injury, commercial disputes, and intellectual property cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we don’t get paid unless we win your case through settlement or trial verdict.  In a vast majority of those cases, we advance costs and expenses, such as ordering medical records, filing lawsuits, hiring experts, etc.  We work hard to prepare your case for trial if we cannot negotiate a reasonable settlement.


Our lawyers are trained and skilled in many areas of state and federal law. Our attorneys possess the necessary energy and experience required to take a case to trial.  Melancon, Rimes & Daquanno is committed to quality representation, and we will do everything within our power and within the law to compensate you or your business for the personal or economic losses you have sustained.  While the majority of our cases settle, every case is unique and some require a trial verdict in order to fully protect your legal rights.


Don’t accept a quick settlement offer from an insurance company.  Don’t leave anything to chance. Hire the seasoned lawyers from Melancon, Rimes & Daquanno to represent your legal rights.  We will personally handle your case and will not settle your case short.  If you decide not to go with us, then make sure you find an experienced attorney who will properly prepare your case.


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Jason L. Melancon

Jason's practice areas include personal injury, product liability, consumer protection, class action, real estate litigation and commercial litigation.

Robert C. Rimes

Robert’s practice areas include personal injury, product liability and commercial litigation.

R. Lee Daquanno, Jr.

Lee's practice areas include personal injury, product liability, consumer protection, class action, and commercial litigation.


Our firm has the knowledge and resources to try any case, anywhere. Our experienced attorneys have practiced before the United States Supreme Court, as well as the state and federal courts in Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, California, and New York.


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Baton Rouge, LA 70806